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Sand and Sea Sunday Sadness

A sad Sand and Sea for me....

Nothing I want to get into..

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So share me your happy sand and sea....

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Sand and Sea Sunday's Are Back!

Yes, it's that time again, to show me what you got!!
What have you all been doing out in 
The Sand
Or Sea
On Sundays????

Does this give you any idea what this Gypsea has been up too?

 Yep... she has high tailed it out to the Gulf waters....

To start her "hunt" of Mermaid treasures!!!

And she digs, and grabs and tries to capture....

Some treasures from below...

And WHOOPS with joy when she claims a fabulous find!!!

AHHHH... Sand dollars, how perfect!!

But all that diving and hunting can give a girl (or Mermaid) a little salt in the eye...ya know?

So off to her other resting spot she goes...

To be the true Mermaid that she is....

And just relax after a beautiful day hunting in the sand and sea....

A token of her adventure, taken with her new underwater camera!!
Now come hither and let me see what you have been playing around doing!!!
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Sand and Sea Sunday

The time has come for me to say goodbye to the Jersey Shore.
This mermaid is finally, on a wing and a prayer...with nothing but a few things,
Heading South.
So I gathered up some special times this past year beachside

With of course, my mini pirate and mini me.

We went hunting year round us gypseas 3 muskateers.
From the fall...

To the winter...
Then into spring and summer...

I always had my 2 favorite pals with me.
Now, they will be here up North for awhile, until we decide to pull them either mid year or at the end.
To be honest, I don't know how I will survive.
But for now....
Or funny I should say...
Hey, any of you GOT FISH?

Yep, Maxi boy and his cut off fish for bait!
I mean, I keep trying to explain to people.. I don't do FISH, ANIMALS, or MAMMALS.
I know, I know.. they look at me kinda strange...but your talking to an ex OR nurse...
So, throughout our journeys...

As we sailed away sometimes...

Or decided to Charter it...
We always had a blast...
The mini pirate especially, when he found "strange" treasures washed ashore.

Just what a pirate is looking for... right?
His obsession with anything alive or dead that comes up...
Max out of the 3 of us, was always on the look out!

Me, personally it was for my shells or
Or my sea glass...
Or my heart shaped stones.

My mini mermaid usually preferred the shade with a book...but would join in at any given moment.
Yes, I am going to miss them something fierce...
God just give me the strength to get through it....

I will be taking a little leave from blog world Tuesday... As my journey begins.
Until then...

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Sisters of The Surf

The nuns of Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have found a unique way to raise funds: hosting a surfing competition.
The nuns don't actually participate in the competition but their relationship with the surfing community goes back to the1950's when they opened up their beach to surfers. Since then, their stretch of sand has been known as Nun's Beach. The money raised at the event maintain their 6 1/2 acre, 150 bedroom, Jersey Shore beach retreat - Villa Maria by the Sea.  (I can't help but wonder how many developers have offered to buy their property!) 
Their 16th annual Nun's Beach Surf Invitational in Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

The nuns may not ride the waves but they do enjoy watching the contestants." It's very peaceful," said Sister James, the retreat's property manager. "You see how the water holds them up, balances them and if you ride with the water, it will get you where you want to go. That's how it is with the grace of God."

This morning the sky was a vibrant mixture of multiple hues...
The sea just waiting for someone to play in it.
And then it began.
From the West Coast or from down South they donned their wetsuits, sex wax and a laid back yet confident stride.
I must say... some arrived in die hard Hang Ten way.
( I also am in pure love with this vehicle!)
You have to admit.. You love it too!
But we weren't too lucky today as far as the swell or the weather.
Those pretty hues in the early morn began to fade, and the dark skies came in and the rain fell.
But that doesn't mean they stopped.
Or we weren't able to capture some shots.

But the rain did start to come down...
And the cold set in.
We hung around as long as we could handle the chill and amped up little ones.

But before we left we had to make a pit stop and grab some T's and sweatshirts...and of course ask for some blessings!
Don't you just love her smile!!!
So we grabbed our treats...
Said goodbye to the lone boards...
But something did catch my eye as I was crossing the street...

You know that I am
So getting this made for me!
Gotta love it!
Have a great Sunday and drop me a line on what beach lovin' eco fun you had!


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