PINK SATURDAY.....Mad Hatter Done British Seaside

for hosting another event!

This Pink Saturday I happened to stumble upon....
when a few of my girlfriends and I were trying to find something"different" for one of their 
upcoming weddings....
And what we found BLEW US AWAY!!! start..her name is Kat Williams who is the master mind and creator of ROCK N ROLL BRIDE  and when you land there you will see why we were in complete awe!! It just made you want to get up and go completely carefree and wild!!
So this PINK SATURDAY is all about one of Kat's photo shoots with one of the most amazing photographer's I have ever encountered.  So all pics go with extreme compliments to the incredible ELIZA CLAIRE Simply Stunning!

Here.. I will let you see for yourself...
As Kat transform's herself into the Mad Hatter of Brides..British Seaside...
(talk about PINK!)

Don't cha just LOVE IT!!!

Please go stop in a see for your self
and relish in beauty at ELIZA CLAIRE'S

And say hello to ANGIE  at

XO  Cricket


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