Blue Monday

Welcome to another BLUE MONDAY

Unfortunately...this nurse is still feeling quite blue.
I never realized the pain that the back could exude..
But then again.. most normal people....especially a NURSE
would listen to their doctors and follow orders...
Just call me non-compliant...
a pure Gypsea!
So for this Blue Monday...hosted again by

I played around with photos of my little mixed media...
Vintage collection of nursing treasures...
I guess being cooped up is really starting to get to me!

I added some texture...
played with colors and effects..

In truth... I like it just plain.. the way it lays across the glass in the china cabinet..
Is being cooped up making me boring too?

I don't know... I'm just gonna keep blaming it on the meds..
You tell me?

and here is plain Nurse Betty.

Hope you all enjoy your week..
And don't get sucked into the blue's
Unless you are popping in at Smiling Sally's Blog



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