And There Were Conchs Everywhere!!

You know when I feel a little down and out.. I hit the shorelines...
No matter what the temp.. and I think it was a whopping 30 something degrees!
But my oh my! Back out and all..
I grabbed my buckets...
Said a quick prayer upstairs that I could do this
And not inflict anymore pain to my healing spine...
And away I went!

and of course...had to throw in a bucket of..

Now... I gotta get some sleep.. because there is a lot
more this gypsea wants to get...
But my poor back is really not liking this game of mine!

Stay tuned!!


Blue Monday...unsure of this arrangement

Welcome again Blue Monday mermaids to a very indecisive gypsea....

So.. I figured..what the heck... It is blue, it is Blue Monday...
So let others tell you...should I keep it or not?
Change  a little something or no?
Oh see.. I just can't ever make up my mind!!!!
Ok.. so you will just have to for me!

We'll start with just a few close ups...then the last will be the finished..
Then you decide...

Ok... so what did you think?
anything I should change..?
Well..while you decide please take a moment to stop in at
Smiling Sally's for some more Blue Monday



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