Another day in Pass-a-Grille

I have been bad.. very bad..I have been flitting around Florida not posting..not paying any mind to my blog, Etsy, the work I should be getting done..and ask me why? Well, simple... I found my paradise.. through this painstaking marriage/divorce..surgeries, fright, not being able to work due to my injuries... and my paradise..keeps coming back to good ole Pass-a-grille.  Today was a rainy day, (of course.. I wanted to do some beachcombing..)  Got a few pics and shells in..but, well.. the rain.. what is a girl to do?
GO SHOP!!  Oh and what a piece of paradise Bamboozle is!  Here come look at my mermaid heaven!!

do you see those bottles?? That mermaid!!?

ahhh.. this sign!

pretty huh?

Love this!

And this Gypsean Mermaid is pciking up this treat next round!

The owner was there..and told me about her 2nd store!! yes.. can you believe it?
Thats's tomorrow folks!

So I will leave you with a few beach pics pre-Bamboozle shopping!

something we all should remember...

until mermaid crossings tomorrow..


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