Pink Damsel Saturday

This gypsea mermaid feels like a damsel in distress...
She is tired, worn out, anxious, excited yet sad....
Feeling like a prisoner trapped inside herself.

But someone once told me..
"Young grasshopper, you have so much to learn.."
So I pulled out that whimsical imagination of mine
and figured..if I am going to feel this way, it better be
(at least in my head!)
A damn good place to be trapped!

So as my fish tail swung in anguish and I tried to soothe 
my ever racing mind..
I envisioned...

being held captive up here....

Constantly peering out...waiting for my lost pirate to appear...

but as far out as my view could take me to the sea..
There is nothing.

Please take a swim out to Beverly
and if you run into a pirate..
Please send to:

3400 Gulf Blvd.
St. Pete Beach, Florida

many thanks...
your forever gypsea mermaid....

For any of you who haven't figured out where I am captive (besides my head)
it is here

enjoy your PINK!


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