Paradise on a Budget

While driving down Gulf Blvd. taking in the scenery of Sunset Beach and Treasure Island, we pass this sign.
I know, you say..'Yeh, big deal.. just an apt for rent sign...' Well,  I kinda was thinking the same thing until we parked across the street to enter the beach and then I turned back.

Well... you know what my thought was..
"Hold on..let me just grab my purse
(and my camera...)
You never know what treats you could find!
Of course I was given the usual...
Oh..all right.....go ahead...
So little me wanders up to this most mouth watering,
vintage junkies dream stop.
A fun chick on a pink Vespa sits sipping a beer...
Another girl...chatting away with a gentleman
who you knew..
you could just tell..
By looking...
Man...he had some stories to tell!
Perhaps that jus might be my usual psych-analytical self nurse
But...I don't think so!
So I ask.. Is this really a shop?
The man answers...or kinda chuckles..
You could call it that..
But really..
these are apartments for rent!
I am in awe...
Looking would appear to be the most fascinating gathering
places of vintage yummness!!

Come look for yourself...

Yes, these are actually apartments...

And there is the proud owner himself on the left..
His family has owned one of the most priceless pieces of properties 
in the Sunset Beach/Treasure Island area since 1971...long with other real estate as well.
Talking to him was a hoot...most especially when I saw this sign...

I believe he told me it was from Indiana..along with the firetruck that sits to the left of the 
building.. I figured it may have been one of the trucks that put out a fire the 
patients here may have started..( jk!)
He told me..
Come back..have a beer and stay for awhile...
I'll tell you all about it...
So watch out..
I am heading back out this weekend....
Check out Volpe's Villas here  if you are looking for that
paradise on a budget!



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