Reflection through Flowers

Have you ever noticed how the beauty of a flower
either just one stem, one petal, a lush bouquet can
completely change your mood and state of being....?

I am one who at one point ALWAYS had fresh flowers in the house...
So wherever you turned...happiness and sunshine greeted you.
As of late, we know.. a dark cloud has been hanging..
And flowers just haven't been seen.

So today, while gathering thoughts...
I began thinking of someone who has always been a part of my life..
In some distant kinda karmic...kismet manner...
and while the wheels were churning and I am slamming my 
brain for answers... and trying to figure out the why's
the if's and everything caught in between...
I remember their love for a certain flower.
Well, we all know how this crazy gypsea thinks...
So off she goes to buy herself...
And perhaps bring some light back into her life...
Some of these favorites of theirs.

Now as the fates would have it...
This type of flower with nearly 22,000 varieties,
Stand for almost the same qualities and beliefs as my distant friend.
They stand for love, affection, luxury and wealth.
They have the ability to grow anywhere and the resistance power
to bloom anywhere, under any condition.
( this in itself..depicts their personality)

In the Victorian Era, it was said
the gifting of a flower that was found with
much difficulty, means the love has deeper affections
and emotions.
( ok..they are a Cancer..tell you anything?)

In Ancient Greece..orchids symbolize manliness..
( I will stop on this one...;)

The Ancient Chinese interpreted the orchid meaning
as a symbol of many children.
I'm am sad to say they don't have any though.

Now I also found that when men displayed orchids
to a woman it was to symbolize a wink...

Even through the rain today..
I couldn't seem to find that "wink"

Pink Orchids convey pure affection.
Which I hope with this post...
that this is a point I want to come across....
I miss the sunshine that once glowed...
The happiness that flowed freely...
Perhaps even my lone one above
can send me a message.
But in all... the meanings of all the different species
All relate to my fragile friendship...

There was a movie made a while back called 
"The Perfect Man"
A quote in the movie was...
"A woman loves orchids because they make her feel like she's
floating on a 'cloud' of possibilities."

I think this was the most fated I found in 
my brief understanding of them and their favorite flower.

had to add my 
"little extra one I bought as well:)"
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for other Pink Saturday lovies....


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