Surf's Up Baby!!!

As the lovely Sarah would say, who is 
hosting Good Life Wednesday's "this is the 
place to link up anything that makes you feel good baby!"

Even though I went to my spinal surgeon yesterday, and he is STILL keeping me 
out of work for ANOTHER 3 more weeks... and then dealing with PT where I realized..
Oh crap.. my balance is way, way off! Thanks to a busted left ankle a year ago,
and now the right side of my lower back...
Doesn't make a good fit for me and the pink lovely above.
But as they say..." Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!"
And I am!
Tell me I can't...
I will show you I can..
So... even though its been quite awhile...
This gypsea is dead and determined to go back to 
the good ole surfin days..
(Especially if she is high tailing it to Florida...!)

Even with the disappointment of still being "stuck" home..
I am starting to feel pretty groovy baby, looking back at old photos..
and KNOWING... at 40..
I can be Forty
                       Fabulous and
   I mean, sure... I will probably start off like this oldie but goodie...
Nothing a little work can't improve..
And slowly make my way out there..
(on TOP of the board!)
And perhaps catch a small wave or 2...
And this is where I "think" I am finally gonna get it!
(and the bod is getting FIT in the process!)
Then BOOM!
The Gypsea is ROCKIN!!!!!

Yeh.. I think I'm starting to feel pretty good "baby"
If only I could get those thoughts out of my head of..
"What the !@*@!! happened to my thighs in the past years!
I want them back!
Head on over and take a gander at Sarah's
and get your feel good groove on!



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