I Want To Play With The Dolphins!!

Admit it..
You want to be doing that

I suppose it's the frustration of still being in PT,
Still being in NJ...
Still not being "free"

I just wanna play!!

I mean, come on... it is so much fun!
So relaxing and carefree...
It's one of the things that puts me in a happy place.
I have to say..
this day was one of my most favorite days ever!!!!
Just me and the kids at Discovery Cove in Florida..
Totally fabulous!
Katerina rode CJ the dolphin..
I rode Rascal.... go figure.. I get "Rascal"
Poor Max wasn't old enough at the time to ride
but we were able to get him out for a pic.
But Maxi Boy... sure did love the stingrays..
This is him PRE entering their domain....

Gotta love him...
Although, please God forgive me...
but this next picture...

TOTAL bobble-head!!!
I could not stop laughing when I saw this!!!

My little mermaid and her pal...

All of us together after my ride...
(you can dew rag is off!)

And then the ending to a most perfect day!!!

Love 'em!!!
Come on....
Don't you wanna come play with the Dolphins and us too?

Linking up with Smiling Sally for
Blue Monday!



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