Saltwater Fishing Blue Monday

I'll be honest, this post is going to be completely sided..
and show a completely conceited side of myself!
So... I guess I should start off with a Happy BLUE MONDAY to you all, and letting you in on why I think this is an amazingly perfect post for today!

See that gorgeous man above...(no, he is not my pirate!)
He is my Captain!
Well, not quite yet....
I haven't informed him that his incredible, wonderful cousin will be moving
closer to his neck of the woods soon..and he will have no choice but to let me in
on his most fascinating adventures.
You got it..
That is Captain Dave....
A cousin who when younger, since we are only a few months apart in age
spent a lot of time together...
Capt. Dave also lived out in Colorado for awhile which is how my daughter
got her middle name of "Vail."
But to the real reason of this post.
If any of you out there are into fishing...whether it be as a newbie or tournament type..
This is the man you want to see!
He has been a professional guide for nearly 20 years, from Florida to the Alaskan wilderness to
Dave has been targeting world class game fish across the Florida Keys since the early 90's.
He has a reputation for putting clients on trophy fish time and time again.

For instance this beauty of a Tarpoon.
(oh yeh, that is my other gorg cousin...Capt. Dave's younger brother Peter!)
Don't be jealous mermaids....
I will lead you all to them!!

And Peter's first Cobia weighing in at 19 lbs.

Dave knows just about every in and out, best time, tides and hours to charter you
out and give you the time of your life!
Not only is he simply gorgeous to look at,
He has an incredible sense of humor and uncanny
incomparable talent for fishing.

So I urge you all...
If you don't believe what I have said, come take a look at
Not only will you see dozens and dozens of amazing fish from all over...
You will also be given in valuable information on salt water fishing, fly fishing,
equipment, charters, name it!
And if you live near the Florida Key area.. or are planning a trip..
This wouldn't be a bad idea as a "surprise" birthday, anniversary or
even graduation gift to that special CAPTAIN in your life!
Not to say us mermaids can't go as well....
The more the merrier!
So hurry up and go check out his site!!!!

Loving that BLUE!


All photos are property of Captain Dave Yoder.
Please do not use without permission.


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