Sand and Sea Sundays!!!!

Welcome beach bound
Beach loving
Beach picking mermaids
Sand and Sea Sundays!
A place to share your beach finds, digs
treasures or just fun!
Although here in the Northeast it is not quite
summer... it has never stopped this gypsea from
going out on a hunt!
So dive on in and share your sandy toes or
favorite spot...
or perhaps a fabulous find!'s all about the 
Sea and

Well as you probably have gathered..
This is one of my favorite stomping grounds to gather
shells when I am in sunny Florida!
My last trip I never really got to share
a lot of my treasures..
So I will start this Sand and Sea Sunday
with some of my goodies.
a little bit of these..
and some of these...
and a tad of...

I have been collecting and collecting
to well...multiple things with these shells..
I would really like a 6 foot mermaid in wood 
for me to decorate...
Then I wonder..
with what time?????
Next week should be more promising..
I started back up work this weekend for the first time since surgery..
So doing 14-16 hours per day has pretty much kicked me...
So enlighten my achy body
And fill me with sunny days and gems
for me to admire when I come home and am soaking
these tired and sore bones!
Have fun!

Please pass along and link back up!


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