Sand and Sea Sundays!

Ok.. are you ready???
I don't quite know if I am....since I am heading out in a few hours to catch a flight to score some more of these
fascinating sea treasures! WOOT WOOT!  Yeh.. I am just a tad thrilled... 
although this trip require more than me beach combing.  I need to register kids... pick out paint..
hey wait a minute!!1 Where has Maya and Michelle been???? Hello girls???!!! Can't you feel me?  I need your help!!
But I KNOW I will find time to get back to Shell island where I know I will hit a mother load!
This is what I start with:

Yep.. as plain as dat, this beauty was just laying right there.. In the sand..
I think it was calling my name!
Or am I mistaken for being one of my patients?
I am sure if we ask Miss GB... She would have no kinds words to say...
But my motto is...
Karma will get you back a lot faster and better than I ever could!
So you my first step off out canoe started! It as like a candy store!!
Gorgeous huh?
But I must be honest... In all my 40 years.. I never recall "The Legend of the Sand Dollar!"
So it goes a little something like this!
Sand Dollars are also called the "HOLY GHOST SHELL"
 It is one of the most unusual specimens of marine life.  the markings on the shell symbolize the Birth, crucification, and Resurrection of Christ.
You see if you look closely,   The top side of the shell as an outline of the Waster lily clearly seen.. at the center of the Lily. At the center of the Lily of the a fiveplace,  When you carry on.. NOTING could bring you down. Now for the top side a smaill Asre lily indulgent eveing... let her go I guess!
So here is my post for the "Legend of the sea dollar!"

And I still hunfreds!!!!

I think I am getting used to this!
But you see for my 40 plus years..
 I never heard of the "Legend of the Sand Dollar.
And it does something like this:

On the top side of the shell, an outline of the Waster lily is clearly seen.
At the center of the Lily a five point Start respresenting the Star of Bethelam appears.  the five narrow
openings are resprentative of the 4 nail holes and the spear wound made in the body of Christ during the
reversing the shell you easily recognize the outline of the Christmas Poinstta and also the Bell.
When Broken, inside the shell are 5 little birds called the "Dove's of Peace."
Some say they are the angels that sang to the Shepards First Christmas Morning.

Now did you know?
Plus I was completely shocked when I say that those little pieces looked just like doves!!

What did I tell ya??!!!

So here is my Sand and Se post!
Hope you enjoy and post whatever beach related fun you have had...
Please grab side bar button if you like..
And If I can make Mc LINKY work...
You are in business!


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