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Sand and Sea Sundays!
Where you can post anything you wish, 
As long as it has to do with you and H2O!

There is nothing like being at the beach, when you have your kids...and a few more.
And watching them laugh, play do sandcastles or whatever their little hearts desire!
Well while in Stone Harbor my daughter had a sleep over..and the next matter what..
They were hittin the shore lines.
And here is what they decided to make.
And for who you might think?
Well Moi of course!

So of they went..
Some starting digging..others just playing and making drippy castles...
My little pirate and deck mate.
And they begin.
This is what they called their Masterpiece!!
I don't know why...
But I just fell in love with this!
I guess my little pirate and mermaid
have big hearts!

So here's to playing in the sand!
And remember..
Big girls can play too!

Happy Sand and Sea Sundays!!!

Now what do you do out in the sand, sea or sun?
Grab the button
and let me know!

PS Let's Get This Party Started!!!

Come on Gypsea's...
It's time to get this party started!!!
and the reason why..??? This mermaid has just gotten multiple steps closer to her move to FREEDOM!
So this Pink Saturday's post is about a musician.. who I swear writes about my life, 
although she is about 10 years younger.
Some say she is a bad ass... but in reality.... she's a softy, sentimental, loving and funny as hell!
After I got over the Madonna fan stage (20+year one) P!NK totally won my heart.
With her real life lyrics that with each song... I think she is going through the phases in my life!
I have been to multiple shows..
and yes..
all these pictures are mine!
I took my daughter to see her for our birthday's.
She was due on mine...but came 9 days later.
As luck would have it, P!NK was playing in Philly and NYC
the week between our 2....
What a blast!
Unfortunately, I cannot find my other photos of her.
I believe they are on one of the broken Mac Books...(ahhhh!))
We were right up front... Just about touching the stage!
Absolutely amazing!
Her doing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Her outfit to start part of the cover song....

Here she is starting her theme song for this concert series "FUNHOUSE"
where she then leads into the song "CRAZY" 
And there is actually a You Tube video that shows the 2 songs and when you get to 4:16-4:17
(She is singing crazy then...look real she is moving across the stage is when she gives 
the little mermaid a wiggle wave...
And this was for when she went into "CRAZY" and went past and waved at Rina....

I have to say, every member of her group and the opening group the
"TING TINGS" all made it a point to either wave...say hello..and at some points..
chit chat!
Her FUNHOUSE tour was beyond exceptional!
But I have to say....when we entered the Arena...
I had random women...come up and ask..if they could
PLLLEEASSEE have a pic of her (Rina) just because when we first got their she was
Pinkity Pink decked out!
Then came the Bad Mommy moment...
I normally do not drink...
But with the excitement and all...
I decided to go to the bar/restaurant area since we had time before the show.
(I also smoke..I know..super BAD!!!)
So I go to the bar to get a "drink" for moi...and a pop for her...
And the bartender comes over, then another... that one was about my age or a little older..
and I felt this weird vibe...
He is looking at me, then her, then me...
Now I have a drink in my hand and am asking the other it ok..if I bring her with me
into the front part of the bar/rest. area
(since it was the only place I could get my nicotine fix)
And he was like sure...
Meanwhile this "other" bartender is looking still..and finally
Rina tugs at me..
and says...
"Mom...that is going to be my teacher next year!"
I am like Dear God! Only me!!!!
So he says hello and laughs...
No worries..he tells me..
He thought I was a "cool" mom to be taking her...
And he would be doing the same thing if he had one of his kids..
And to the show we went!
I give you some more glimpses of the woman who tells it like it is..
Open minded... spirited..a bit of a wise ass...
But purely brilliant when putting her life stories into music...
Like I said...
I think she is mimicking mine!
Loved her here.. where she was telling us about the "stupid dance"
basically the '80's bop side to side to the song "Leave me Alone, I'm Lonely"

Love that I caught her looking right into the camera!

Here she was out in the middle of the arena...her mom was there that night and she had just introduced us to her..and did a few songs acapella.
And her show went on...
With her wild theatrics....
Her switching up....
Her outlandish outfits...
And then....
Her grand finale....
I think this is one of my most favorite shots I got that night...
She even claims she sings better upside down!
But the pictures will never do her the justice she is owed for her amazing gymnastic go the heights she goes, the twirls, flips etc...
all while belting out a song.
At this performance...
When she went down...
They had part of the stage open and she went "under"
Only to come back up...
Sopping wet!
A vat of water I suppose to cool her off after a show of a lifetime!
And let me tell you...
She was spinning like mad!
I will include the Philly video here...

Hope you enjoyed my P!NK Saturday post....
And we ARE going to get this party started real soon!!!
Now go visit Beverly's PINKS!


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