Impressions of Maui

 Imagine looking over this edge..

And to your wonderful surprise you see this!
Wouldn't that be soooo nice right about now??
I personally think this next one would be better...
Because then I could hop on that pink Catamaran
and go search for a pirate!
As some of you may know, 
My parents have a place on the "Big Island"
But that never stopped us from going to visit the other ones...
These are all from Maui
(yes a fav of mine!)
And of course my mother forever being the Grand Dame Gardener
We can't go ANYWHERE without snapping a million photographs
of flowers.
So here are a few we got....
I am only going to post a few, not her 10 million!
These are some Protea flowers and the spiky ones are Pincushions.
They are found in the upcountry of Maui in KULA on the slopes of Haleakalc.

A red Protea...
This is the Torch Ginger Flower...
These babies love plenty of water!
And Ti Leave you can find everywhere...
They are more abundant in especially wetter areas.
Just a random shot of some of the wild ones that you will find
in tons of different spots..
 I must say.... I love all of them..
and when displayed..they are simply to die for!
But the most fun is what I saw while passing by one day...
Now maybe If I can get on that Pink Catamaran and Find a Pirate..
I could do this type of wedding!
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