Sand and Sea Sundays..

Welcome Gypsea's!
Unfortunately after 14 hours of work..
I ended up in the ER....(yes, my lovely pts...)
No worries....some sprains and strains...
My post will be late..
But I STILL want to hear all about yours!
I will have mine up later Sunday afternoon...
Perhaps a Father's Day.. Sunday...
incorporated into it all...
I know we have a lot of fisherman out there!
So let me here them.. as I Ice myself to death!

Till then...
The floor is yours!


Well, I told you I would be back.
And it is Father's day as well.
A little sad one for me...
Number dad is far away, and I received a tad of bad news today about him
Second... my kids are off were their father...
A man I once knew, who now is a complete stranger.

If only I could say stranger in a good way... but I can't.
This is a man who I barely know...
A man who is so entirely different with me than he with the rest of the world.
With me..I am non existent...and if I do happen to "exist"
It is nothing but negativity thrown at me.
It is so strange the twists in life we encounter.
But that is their father.
Who may be a stranger to me...
But who is good to them.

And to the creator of this Gypsea...
The Daddy O Hungarian G himself!!
Happy Fathers Day Dad!!!

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