Sand and Sea Sundays

Greetings all....
I am posting early for multiple reasons.
Number 1 it is a Big Holiday Weekend...
(and yes, I am working.)
It is my mothers BIRTHDAY on the 4th!
And 3rd...
This Gypsea is heading south the morning of the 4th!!!
In celebration of it all
My post is dedicated to my mom
as my grandmother used to call her
although her 'real' name is Ludmila.
So Happy Birthday Mom!!
You are the best...
And she lucked out her entire life, 
I mean, what better way to celebrate your Birthday than 
I suppose you know then what my SSS is about huh?

What better way to start a new year than with a bang!

Coming from a family of beach bums...
we like to do them via vats of water.
Yes, you all can be jealous now.

There is just something mesmerizing about them
Even amongst their loud BANGS!

There is also something mesmerizing about the food and drink as well!!

I hope you all enjoy a Happy and Safe
4th of July...
And Mom, 
I love you.

Happy Birthday.


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