On A Gypsy Caravan...

I have been doing a lot of thinking.
Looking for insight.
And coming to the conclusion that no matter how hard you may try,
how hard you may want things to work out.
Or to change.
They just don't always do.
I have many road blocks in front of me.
Some I may have brought on myself,
others put there by insecure and evil people.
But I have come to the decision that 
this girl with the gypsy blood has no choice but to move on.
There is no way to undo the pain, the harm, the harsh words.
But there is a way to try to find a way to happiness.
It may not be easy, but I am sure in the end it will be worth it.
Some say I can never achieve it.
I am nothing.
Perhaps I am to them.
But to others I may not be.
So I have taken my thoughts lately
on a whimsical gypsy ride...
To try to make this transition a little easier for me.
I could go about it this way.
Or this...
This one had a cute flavor to it.
With an inside like so...
Or afternoon tea outdoors...
And burning of candles late at night.
I adored the soft feel of this.
And oh the comfort and delight this could bring!
But this has to be my favorite of all...
Where I conjure up all my hopes and dreams
Praying for a day of laughter and happiness
Being barefoot and carefree...
Without a worry in the world.
You watch.
I think this gypsy can do it.


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