A Girl, Her Dog and the Beach. WORDLESS WEDNESDAY w/Linky

A perfect setting for my pre-teen, who is going through that emotional 
roller coaster we all wish we could have forgotten growing up!
I feel so bad because I know that the "drama" between her father and I
only make it worse.
Plus the fact the "ex-laws" only make her feel more horrible.
So like Gypsea Mama always says:
"Honey, there ain't nothing salt water and the sea can't heal!"
So my mini mermaid went off with her pal.

My 2 girls in my perfect setting.

May I introduce to you, Miss Lola.
My skittish Berner I got as a Mother's Day gift 7 years ago.
(yeh.. I guess I was once loved...)
The 2 of them walked the sands
Sharing secrets that only them and the sea will ever hear.

A perfect evening we had.
Perhaps you can pick out why in one of these photos...?

The sky was a perfect blend of mystical colors
that only added to the sense of "calm" I had wanted to offer my daughter.

Even the seagulls enjoyed the scenery, or perhaps that might have been a fish he was after?

Soon the two mini mer's were all smiles and ready for some ice cream.
So off we went to treat ourselves...
But not before my girl said a silent little prayer up above.

I think I know what she is wishing for.
But that lays in another's hands now.
But I am praying with her.
So The girl, her dog and the beach
Said Goodnight Moon.
See you soon.


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