Jersey Shore House Florals

 All along the town where our shore house is, the roads are divided with lush turf with colorful arrangements of flowers, bushes and such.
So pleasing it is to the eye... even just driving through.

 Bright firey lilies mixed in with others...

 Many homeowners have impatients, petunias and of course our beloved hydrangea's.

Even as you walk the curving entrances to the beach, you will find wild birds, reptiles, and an abundance of wild flowers trying to peek their way through!

It appears that purple infusions were a big hit this year!

Even at night as you sneak to the life guard stands, you will find these beauties looming above you.

Now the entrance into heavens delight!
But I am only going to give you a tease today!

Multiple x's Multiple windows and their boxes overflowing!

And as you turn to the right of the house ( it sits on a corner) you have 2 entrances into our paradise!

This is the second... and the flowers surround.

Passerby's often try to peak through the large Arborvitae.

But at night it may not even be necessary, with the built in fore place aglow...the recessed lighting hidden in the teak rafters..and the glimmer from the soft light of the pool.. or from the bar area in the far back.

The perfect spot for some color, reading or just relaxation.

And for kicks.... this is the very far left of the house.  That black iron gate will lead you right to the bar you saw from the other side of the corner street.

So there you have it.
The Jersey Shore Landscaping gig.....

Sunset is one of the most perfect times to see the beauty of it all!
Now next Thursday.. I may give you some more "peeks"
But I found a very "unusual" home I guess I should say, and her flower and landscaping design is a treat!
Till then... Head on over to Cottage Flora Thursday's for some more inspiration!


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