A Twist To My Type Of Garden

I am going to take you into my journey,
A place that reminds me of childhood fairytales
Such as Alice In Wonderland.
But better than that it includes my favorite element.
I have bypassed the "main" entrance, for I am saving that for 
So for now I will start you at the top.
A quiet deserted area, where there are trails, mysteries, forgotten wildlife.

And a true beach lovers favorite.
Through the tumbling trails,
prickly arches,
narrow walkways...
Natures finest awaits for the mini pirate and I to
do some good ole recycle, clean up the Earth work!
I must say, if I only had a saw and and a back that could manage all of this,
I would have truck loads!
But don't you worry...this Gypsea did NOT leave empty handed!
Gazing at these beauties that rose way above our heads...
Or stuck deeply rooted under years of sand.
Besides being greedy and wanting it all,
It was a site to behold.
Imagination was running wild...
But man were they stuck in that ground!
So after climbing up through or magical fortress,
We ventured back down to the sea...
Even though Mama Gyps needed a 'little break'
So the mini pirate thought he was entitled to one too.
Although his involved more of a "Tarzan" type break!

So back waterside we were...
oohhing and aahhhing...
Plotting on how we could manage to grab these beauties!
but we could only handle small amounts.
But are heading back ,
PREPARED this time!
After all our climbing and gathering it was getting late and time to cool off and go...
So mini P waded in the sea...
And Mama soaked her tired feet.
(of course still hunting!)
So this may not be your "typical" garden...
But for me...
This is paradise!

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