Flowers for Moi

Hey there all... 
a very simple post today for Good Life Wednesday's,  Cottage Flora Thursday's and Outdoor Wednesday
But I thought I would share with you

a simple gesture.That would warm any mothers heart.
Now you know my mini pirate here...

Well, the other week on one of our many 
excursions we pass this little road stand.
Everytime we pass it, we mean to stop but never do.
And this day.. Mama Mermaid was not feeling too hot
So Maxi boy asks if we could stop.
So of course I do.
He has a five dollar bill in his hand he never used to get his bunker fish, so out the door he goes.
All these Snapple jars filled with fresh cut flowers from across the street in the owners field!
And the pirate ponders...
Until he decides which one would be perfect.
I have to admit...
As simple as they were, 
they were just so so sweet and lively!
so he found his bunch.
the funny part is,
He gives the young man his precious 5 dollar bill
Collects his change,
Then turns to me and says
"Here Mom, don't worry, I'll always be here to buy you flowers."
(yes, as I write this I have tears....again!)
So big hugs are in order!
And then off we go.
Until 4 minutes into the ride I hear a yelp!
And I am like Dear God.. what happened!
I practically killed us both!
And Maxi is like...
"Mom...Mom... how much were those flowers???"
I tell him only $1.00.
and he says...
"Well how come he gave me back 6 ones?"
Gotta love it!
Have a great weekend all...


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