Blue Monday...Blue Skies...Blue H2O

Hey all you gypsea's..
Hope you had  fabulous weekend, 
I finally went beach side to test out the back,
the foot with only 1/2 feeling left and so on.
But sad to say... this mermaid can no longer go
hours and hours on end and scour...
But I did get in enough time to get a few scores...
With the blue water...

Baby seagulls in a forming tide pool...

Awesome shot due to some high winds..
The mini pirate and I got to hunting!
He also served as my watch dog for any holes in the sand 
that I may not see, 
and we know, I don't want any of that!
So, one of our first signs, was the usual clear/white sea glass.

Now is the time for the snails..(Moonstones) to start appearing..
And then to my utmost surprise...
What do you think I came across?
I was shocked!
Yes!! A sand dollar!
In New Jersey!!
Not as pretty as the ones I find in Florida,
but just that we found one here made up jump for joy!

So as the pirate and I finished up in the water and back onto the sand...

We nicknamed it the Day of the Dead, due to all the washed up horseshoe crabs.
Then I stumble upon another of my favorite beachy treasures...
Tell me that is not the coolest piece EVER!!!!
So by the time I knew I needed to rest this achy back..
Here are a few of my scores.

I like!
That is BLACK seaglass!

Ahhh.. just looking at them makes me happy!
So stay tuned, this coming weekend will be my last at the 
Jersey Shore.
Cause this mermaid is finally heading south!!!
So get your Sand and Sea posts ready..
I think this may call for a giveaway perhaps on Sunday...
Ya think?

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