Christmas in the South vs. the North

Ok, I know it's been a LONG LONG time since I have posted...
And believe me I have sooo much to catch up on.
But for now with the Holiday season, 
I thought I would just share a
I mean... we don't get all this
the warm weather with it in NJ!

Every town you go into, Every marina has it's own gig.
and just when you think you saw your favorite...

You are hit with another!!

Love Dear ole Santa on this one!!

A goodie for the youngens...

I think I would just like this boat under the tree...
I am not a "cigarette burner" type of boat lover,
But the decor on this..Captures the Sunshine State!



Now I think you should all be in the Florida Christmas spirit by now!!!
And I will be back to fill you in..
(Got some goodies too;)


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