Pinky Promise

She sat there, solitude, in her world
Unknown, Unappreciated and defined
Containing sorrows of her broken past
But pretending she was fine
She was known, yet unknown
No one saw behind her shield
No one gave her a second thought
No one knew she had to heal
No one knew that behind that shield
Lay a pure and beautiful soul
That had been ripped apart and shredded
Shattered and torn
No one saw that behind the shield
There was a person with so much love
An angel with wings on her back
And a halo shining above
Even though now, her cheeks were pale
And though her eyes were wet
No one knew she was a tattered soul
No one guessed she was upset
Her emotions changed inside her head
But her face remained the same
Still stern, still blank, still untouched
Like it was some kind of game
She lived in secrecy
She had no one to tell
She had given up on hope and faith
She had given up on life as well
But she remained loyal and devoted
Trustworthy and very true
She was understanding and compassionate
Too bad you never knew
She had no reason to smile
But she’d smile any day for you
She might not want to laugh
But she would if you wanted her to
But after what you did to her
She’s been discrete more than ever
How could you break her fragile heart
When she thought you were her ‘forever’
She thought she was fair
And she didn’t ask for much
She just wanted one friend
A person, her meek self could trust
You knew she wasn’t strong
But you went on to play with her heart
You knew things would never go far
And you knew this from the start
And leaving her shattered
Didn’t mean a thing to you
You knew she was oblivious
And there was nothing she could do
And now no one knows she’s broken
And no one knows she’s upset
All they know is that she’s quieter now
But the reason they’ll never get
And how would anyone know what she’s feeling?
She hides it far too well.
And only I know her story
Only I know how she fell
This girl, she lives in me
And throughout my body her world has grown
Her story remains inside me.

That was 2011.
Now for 2012.
Here is my
My heart will overcome being broken....
Someday the key will be found....
Years will pass...memories would last. Cherish the good ones and ignore what gives pain...Celebrate New Year in a cheerful spirit by not regretting or feeling proud of gains.
As you have followed along...and I have been out of the loop lately due to clamming up in my dad...and all of life's trials and tribulations.
I refuse to let this year bring me down.
Because I totally ROCK!
That is my
To be true to me.
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