Goodbye to J's

(photo courtesy of Etsy)
ok. this is my first time hooking up with Jenny's Alphabe Thursday....
So I here the letter of the day is "J"
Well it is January...

 (photo courtesy of Etsy)
"J"  is also the first letter of my father's name...
Just 2 days ago... I found more bad news... he has pneumonia, developed a blood clot... 
the tumor in his brain (a GBM) has been growing back and now has gone into his frontal lobe as well.  We are counting days..... (but then again... he has that gypsy blood..and keeps fighting!)
But it has gotten to the point where we all realize that it is "just time." 
Let the suffering end.  
I won't go on.. because I can't.
I can't let my mind wander there again...not at this late hour..which bc it was wandering "there" I am up.

"J" also was the first letter of my married last name..which we know will not be connected to me much longer.

"J" ( January) is also the month my mini pirate was born......My soon to be ex.... his mother....My mom's mom....I had my first spinal surgery January 11, 2011 and my mom's birthday is in  July.
So I guess the letter "J" hasn't been too kind to me this year... they all seem to be disappearing out of my life....
Hopefully next week... it might be "K".. because that is when I knew what the real meaning of life is, when my mini mermaid Katerina was born.
Let's just say...
I am glad January is almost over!!!
( also compliments of Etsy)

So please pop on over to Jenny's for more Alphabet fun!!!1


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