Tender Memories

Tender.... those moments when you remember as a child falling down and your parents picking you up and holding you in their arms and brushing awy your tears.
Tender...when you get your first "A" as you enter your grade school years..and the warm fuzzy feeling of the hugs you get.
Tender... when you were stood up on a date...and your dad took you out instead...but was smart enough not to mention "that he knew."
Tender...when you finally marry and dancing with your father to "Daddy's little girl."
Tender...as you have grown into an adult and you hold your Dad's hand, knowing it may be the last time you ever feel his touch.
Then through that hand you recall all those tender moments in life.
Ok... this was my first link up with for 5 minute Friday
Thank you.....I needed this today. 


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