A Small Treasure Hunt

Well I am back in NJ, seeing the spinal surgeon, getting cleared to go back on 
'The Ward" this weekend.
Ugh 14-16 hour shifts, Friday~Sat~Sun.
So, this mermaid decided she was well deserved to a trip to her fav stomping grounds...
In search of what I can NEVER find in Florida,
I also needed the downtime...
The smell of the sea I grew up with
To think about my future
My dad
So off I went playing hooky with my mini mermaid and pirate.

Usually I have great luck at 'my spot,'
But today just didn't look to hot.
On top of it, Miss not as much of a true beach hunter like the Mini P and me.

So we started cruising along.
I knew I missed the big spell of gathering all my Welch's,
But I did get a little lucky at one point.

I found a few more, but one of the things I found a lot of is this....

There was tons more...but my camera battery died right at the end of our hunt...
So you'll have to wait till I get it all together to show you the HUGE batch!
But still...what was my main goal?
Still, zero..nothing..
Then I got a little zing.

This was the first one I found....
Oh..what a gorgeous color in person!
And as we started to head back....
(i really was starting to lose hope, plus I had to pee!)
I stumbled upon...
This was actually about 3 1/2-4" in length and real thick!
I found a few other white and amber colored ones in the next few minutes.
Then low and behold...
The biggest piece in this color I ever found as we were about to head out...

And I will not lie..
I was jumping around worse than my kids would...
(luckily, I did not pee!)
So my day might have been a little short...
Ending up sweet.
Just spending time with the kids...
Being by H2O
My little treasures.
Kinda made some, above picture not included, BLUES go away.
Like they say...
There ain't nothing that the sun, sea, salt water and sand can't heal..


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