La Luna

The Letter "L" is our letter this week.
It has been a sad week for me...
and each night I look at the moon
"La Luna"
and wonder if my dad see's the same one.

 And if he does,
Does he realize how much I miss him.

By her light, I shine and shimmer.
Her soft fingers, sift through the dark.
A golden halo envelops her.
I marvel at how many of us have passed in her life.

Tender love made in her presence,
As she hovers close, without watching.
Her presence is the inspiration for starry whisperings.
She is always there, even if shrouded by mist.

Centuries have given us song and word of her,
For she has always taken the wise to their knees.
Within her, a tranquil sea.
And though some steps have been taken to know her, she remains a mystery.

She changes in shape, every day.
Her luminous face, full of brilliance, sometimes hidden.
Creating chaos in those most in tune with her.
All without movement, and all without a voice.

Shine on does she, and we watch in wonder.
Wonder if life with her is more peaceful than the one I know.
I study her, silent, knowing that all of us have loved her.
In every frame of time, the focus of adoration.

Her tender caress does not burn me.
Her life gives us all a sense of calm and quiet.
She arrives, and all stops to allow us to absorb her.
Sudden quiet, gentle love, constant life.

Almost wish that we did not try to reach her,
For her mystery is one I love and cherish.
No need to unravel the ball of wonder created by idle minds.
Leave her be, and let her shine,
For that is her reason, and ours to behold.

La luna.
La Luna knows that the little Cat wants her Daddy back.

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