Life in a Tornado...Literally!

Well hello there gypsea's... it has been awhile hasn't it?
As the title says....TORNADO! Is just an understatement of how my life has been.
But we won't even delve into that now....
I have you no sad, crazy life, beaten down story, but I was REALLY in a Tornado!
   Here on the Gulf side of Florida in Pass-a-Grille, we got a hit... all the tropical storms and such, well..we were just floating away...

This is the main street going into Pass-a-Grille, right past "Sea Critters" restaurant...
WHOA! Talk about H2O!

Not just Pass-a-Grille, but St. Pete., Gulfport...all my fav little spots got the HIT.

This is Gulfport..."O'Maddy's Bar and Restaurant" is to your right...
Well, as it slowly was getting waterlogged!

And as we drive home to reach dry ground...

We see our backyard!!!!
Thank goodness I have a 2nd floor!!!

We are happy to report that all kayaks and canoes made it through alive!
All friends and family were safe...
There was a lot of structural damage, and some lost their homes for the moment...
But that is all replaceable.
People aren't.
We stay strong here in the Gulf.

But seriously, enough already... if it isn't my personal life, do I really need it entering my every day living? ;)


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