One Way to Florida Please.

Seems the folks up North are yet again getting hit with some snow...
I have to say, NOPE! I don't miss it one bit!!

I mean, why should I deal with this?
When we are usually doing this?

And the kids would much rather skate, uummmm...

Well, you know boys... either I guess would do!

Now me... no 2 ways about what I prefer to do some shelling in....

I'll let you figure out my preference!!!

In the meantime, try not to get buried too deep!
Sending warm Floridian hugs!!



Welcome 'FRENCHY' the newest Mermaid!

Happy  PINK SATURDAY sweet gypseas!!
I decided to have 
debut on nothing but Pink Saturday considering her ultimate glam color!
what I need from all you sweet friends is an 
Honest opinion!
(well... constructive criticism I should say.. hee hee!)
Are you ready?????

I have been hit with on and off thunderstorms lately.. so
you will have to excuse any 'cloudiness!.'
Here is a closer look at her...

She is handcut out of solid wood~
And her hair is natural raffia and is attached by a scallop shell~

Her body made of shells all found and picked by MOI!

And her tail...
all but the base of a palm tree hand painted!
So there you have 
Miss Frenchy!
So gypsea mermaid friends..
Please share your thoughts
And swim on over to Miss Beverly's for some more pinkiness!


Happy 4th!!!

Happy 4th of July! Mermaid friends!
May you all have a safe a joyous day!!
As for myself and my mini mermaid and pirate...
We are going to hang at the beach..

Do a Floridian NO RAIN dance...
Watch fireworks and eat a bunch of goodies!!

What are you doing to celebrate this holiday????


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