Gypsea Nurse: WHAT TO DO?

Gypsea Nurse: WHAT TO DO?: In a manic state... I come out like Kay Jamison.. An Unquiet Mind.. Yes, I am the Psych Whisperer... and yes, my madness will come ...


In a manic state...
I come out like Kay Jamison..
An Unquiet Mind..
Yes, I am the Psych Whisperer...
and yes, my madness will come out here.
I've been dealing, undealing... being uncompliant..
Trusting, not trusting.
Testing limits.. looking for love everywhere but within myself.
Now I sit with my children gone.
My husband gone.
Because of mania and ETOH.
And a bitch who thought she could take my life.
You got your license.
You fucked my husband, while you were still married and having me counsel you through nursing school, after giving you the play book to love.
Now.. he paid your way.. got you settled from MO to NJ.. so what? You could cheat?
YOu could be me?
Feel free.
I don't want any of what "you think you have"
My children,
well... they were tortured by me when I found out
"my friend" was fucking my husband.. to boot.. 
in the Las Vegas where I married him, then calling me everyday so I could teach and counsel you on school.
So you could become me.
Take his kids.
Take the house my father (RIP) gutted for MY family.
Use my antique tea cart for the booze you shouldn't be drinking either.
You are an addict.
You are a borderline sociopathic Munchausen by proxy sick pathetic individual.
For once.. I hear how you are so full of yourself..
who do you think you are?
You are a pig.
 A drug addict.
YOU HATE kids.
Remember Adam's red headed daughter..? and what you had to say?
You did the same to my daughter.
I know longer have.
Nor ever will.
Nor will ever care.
You are a histrionic mess...
And I am a MANIC.. and yes ex BP mess..
but for what you did.
What you made a man I once so loved and I fucked up with do.
I hope the boards of any state..
The doctors, staff and all... eat you alive.
And you know what?
When you show this to MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE.
I can bet anything.. you are being run over by an 18 wheeler.
YOU are the epitome nurses eat their young.
Why.. good.. seasoned.  REAL RN's wish only ill upon you.
Honey... you don;t know shit.
Any RN out there... 
Please comment and post on how long it takes to become seasoned in a nursing speciality.. to KNOW WTF YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.
And for you ex.
God Bless.
Take care of your kids.
Peace out.
For the rest of you..
RN's are like hairdressers..
Catty, bitches who just want to stab each other..
Come into my world wanna be..'Be a psych nurse.
You will be the first one they target and beat your ass.
And trust me...
I would be the first person if on scene..
tapping my foot.. saying.."ummm how long should I wait to assist? Or begin CPR?"
As I slowly walk out the door.
Bleed out.
Like i did, and I was to manic to realize what I did to my children.
And as a RN, a woman, a HS friend.. you call yourself caring?
You are a disgrace to humanity and the profession.
I have done 10 million things that are horrid.
But you..?
And that's what you pick???

Good luck to you.
Wanna be, fake, and you.. the one who always said.
I think for myself...
get real.
You don't even know yourself.
You see, us MANIC.
like your sister, daughter and everyone else want to 
say and accuse..
Well, us Manic ones..
a tad bat shit crazy,,
but you know where we stand.
We don't play.
It is what it is.
Now take accountability.

and yes..
this asshole..
made me run and hide because of my own id, ego and sub taking..
Can you?
Or do you hide behind all your so called friends.. fuckmates..
and money?
Do you drive a woman you know who 
has some, well more than some "issues"
But you married her..
Do you drive her to insanity.
Do you and your so called GF and lovely fam think its enjoyable to do that to another with NO excuse?
Or are they are a Type B?
Naw... not in your world...
What a pick you made..
what the hell.
what guy wouldn't want a chick who has been married 3 times..
sleeps with her HS friend's husband 20 something years later.. takes on her hair color, her house and her kids.
Like I said.
I've got a life to live.

Pick for yourself for a change, atleast think on your own...
And to some kids I used to know.


One Way to Florida Please.

Seems the folks up North are yet again getting hit with some snow...
I have to say, NOPE! I don't miss it one bit!!

I mean, why should I deal with this?
When we are usually doing this?

And the kids would much rather skate, uummmm...

Well, you know boys... either I guess would do!

Now me... no 2 ways about what I prefer to do some shelling in....

I'll let you figure out my preference!!!

In the meantime, try not to get buried too deep!
Sending warm Floridian hugs!!



Welcome 'FRENCHY' the newest Mermaid!

Happy  PINK SATURDAY sweet gypseas!!
I decided to have 
debut on nothing but Pink Saturday considering her ultimate glam color!
what I need from all you sweet friends is an 
Honest opinion!
(well... constructive criticism I should say.. hee hee!)
Are you ready?????

I have been hit with on and off thunderstorms lately.. so
you will have to excuse any 'cloudiness!.'
Here is a closer look at her...

She is handcut out of solid wood~
And her hair is natural raffia and is attached by a scallop shell~

Her body made of shells all found and picked by MOI!

And her tail...
all but the base of a palm tree hand painted!
So there you have 
Miss Frenchy!
So gypsea mermaid friends..
Please share your thoughts
And swim on over to Miss Beverly's for some more pinkiness!


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