A Difference in Pink Taste

Happy PINK SATURDAY gypsea mermaids...
It seems my 11 year old daughter and I have a difference in 'opinion'
when it comes (if the man allows it too!) to decorating the new Mermaid pad
in Florida...
Now I understand, she's 11.. likes the bright, funky..
Pottery Barn Teen style and all.
But what SHE doesn't understand..
It's just mommy now footing the bill...
So my little mermaid is on the hunt,
showing me this and that..

ok..this is one view of the room
she says will be
"ya know mom..the place where me and just the 'girls' can hang out"
ok.... big of a place does she think I can swing so she
can have this "extra" sitting room area for "just the girls?"

Sure problem...just tell your father to add
lots of zero's to your allowance!

Oh.. I forgot to mention...
This is where "the girls" will be able to walk out too
from their funky 'crib!'
( I admit..this is kinda cool....)

But personally Momma Gypsea would be quite content
right here..

If I didn't mention it..
It's got double dead bolts!
Happy PS mermaids...
Enjoy your weekend!



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