Sand and Sea Sundays

Welcome my sea loving gypsea's
to another Sand and Sea Sunday!
And I know you all must have fabulous posts, photos and perhaps treasures to share this week!
One of the most POPULAR times of the year that families and friends head to the beach!
Today I took the little Pirate and Mermaid into Cape May to a little favorite spot,
Where if you are lucky enough you can find yourself the notorious 
"Cape May Diamond."
(that is sure to be a post one day!)
And for is my most relaxing place where I can gather in major abundance the 
pinkest of pink and whiter than snow pebbles I love to collect!
Around the small area..are a few little shops...and a place where they sell/collect
all your nautical, coastal funky, weathered, tattered vintage sea finds! is candy heaven for me!
I'll give you a gander of the back of the little "shop shack"
Oh yes! I can see the little Pirates new room in Florida already having these swaying all over!
The colors and chippiness just thrill me!
Gorgeous huh?
These are straight from Nova Scotia
(yes.. I have a few!)
And then the different shells and such!
Oh MY!

There collection of rocks...
A few of these I grabbed..since I was in NJ, not Mexico...
Some wild wood we found on the shore..

My stomping ground for pebbles..
And now... one of the reasons it is called SUNSET BEACH.
Divine isn't it?
( And yes..that old shipwreck is another post!!!)
So come on gypsea's.... show me what you got!
I know you were snapping away this weekend!

Your Next!!


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