Beachy Pink

Happy Pink Saturday Mermaids!
In tune with my previous posts, finding that "spot" of mine...
By the sea...
I am adding what it could possibly be like if I ever found that pirate.
So lets take a look shall we?

Riding in determined to capture!

The gypsea mermaids right behind in tow!

Or a subtle cloud of blush... on a Greek Isle...
Something to add to the list!

Or we could WAY overboard.
Naaa.. that isn't this gypsea.

Now they always say... leave something for the imagination.
Well, This might do it!

Here we go...
A little more "tasteful to leave to the imagination!

Now I think this fun spirited one would most definitely capture some Pirates eye.

But as we have learned.
I am plain.
And this color and texture I adore!!!

But in reality I think this is how you would find me.
Although no wedding.
As you can see...
I looking out to sea and waiting.

Happy PINK Ladies!
Be sure to stop in and say hello to Beverly
for hosting yet another Pink Saturday!
Ciao Mermaids!


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