Sand & Sea Sunday's

Hello there gypsea's!
Another Sunday of Sun,Sand and Sea.
But guess what?
All season I could not find hardly any of my favorite 
treasures to collect.
Can you guess what?

Last season I found bucket fulls long the Jersey Shore...
This year..
Practically nada!
Last season I scored in all different colors, shapes,

white, clears...
large ones..
Soft greens..
pale blues..
deeper violets..

Yes, I would find tons!!

Even Cobalt. this year I scoured day in and day out...

And still..Maybe a piece here or there.
What happened this year?
who is behind this torture?
Where did it all go?

All I wanted was atleast ONE bucket full this year.
This is really bothering me!
Hope you are all enjoying the sun and sand1
Any insight would be appreciated!

Join the Fun!!!


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