In Need Of A Little Blue Pill

Alrighty now...
This Mermaid has lost her tail and perhaps her mind
( no laughing..:) for good!)
I am trying to keep in good spirits
But it has been kind of hard.
My Dad is fading quickly and I am scared I will not be able to fly out to see him in time.
I'm kinda alone on this gig...
And it sucks ok.
It really truly sucks.
So what do you think I need?
yeh.. it would be nice
But I don't think the surgeons would think so.
But perhaps afterwards??
I guess you got the picture huh?
My nerves are frayed!
So I will be out of blog world for a tad...
Hoping in the meantime that this team of 
Spinal docs, vascular, cardiology etc.
All work in sync.
Let's hope.
Now I do need to sleep.
It is late.
Anxiety has got the best of me.

So eeny
I need just one.
If only not to cry
But to sleep.
I'm scared.
Until then Gypsea's
I will try to be back on ASAP.
But please share all your fun adventures...
Newest creations...
I need your smiles!
Hugs to you all!


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