I'm Going Shelling!!

The Star of the Sea

Yes.. I did it... This Gypsea Nurse goes in tomorrow to see the spine specialist
after being assaulted by one of my patients..( I know..lovely job huh?)
Well...I ended up with a bulging disc and a herniated one.. right at L5-S1..
Laymans terms... it is huge and is pressing on my sacral nerve..
So it hurts like hell! 
So...I decided after being cooped up..
Now all this snow..This wanna be mermaid is heading south!
I just booked the ticket to Florida.. and said to all here..
Oh well.. You are just going to have to deal with it..

So... all you gypsea mermaids whose blogs I follow..and I oohh and ahhh over
your wonderful treasures... I hope to gather a few of my own!
I haven't been down to South Sea's in ions...
I used to go several times a year and stay at the Plantation....
Now..hopefully my girlfriend ( I haven't seen her in over 20 years!)
is up for the travels!
I am in just lala land now.... I have Shells Shells Shells on the brain..
hopefully this good mood will carry over till tomorrow at the doc's
and I can handle what the verdict is.. 
Until then.. I need to head here to the beach house to gather some 
lighter clothing..then New Years Eve..
I'm off!!


  1. Oh have a fabulous time...I will be praying for your back!! A change will do you good! The Plantation...as in Amelia Island?...my sis has a house there...I hope you are going further south...My bro is outside of key west...sure am tempted to go...email if you can stop by at the Jersey Shore...Jennifer aka Gigi

  2. It's going to warm up just in time for your visit! Good luck with your back- a little rnr will be a good thing. You can sit 'n sift in the pile at Blind Pass. I really think it will still be there. xo

  3. Whoa, bad luck, this back thing! A rough way to end the year, my dear! Here's hoping the shells'll find you feeling better :)
    hugs from becky (at beachsnaps)

  4. I hope you feel better soon and that you have a wonderful time shelling in the warm sun and sand. Enjoy!


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