Not the Beach today..

Life has been a little rough in the world of Cricket....and the Beach..
"Her Beach" has been her sanity.. her solitude...her place to just be.
But with the Holiday bustle and kids all around...there is no running and hiding
just to get away from it all... So she shrugs off the sadness, the remarks, and the ignorance..
and joins up with her Tattered best to get into the spirit....
So off she will go..to the big city of lights..
Knowing once there..she will forget all the fights...
She will be grateful for the blessings she was granted from above..
as she see's their smiling faces as they move all around...
The magic is there... much different than the sea's...
But at least for a bit.. I can unwind and be me...
So with this Holiday Season.... any who are left far behind...
who cry in the darkness.. and think they are losing their mind...
Let the twinkle of the lights...the distant Christmas carols....
be a sign to you... you are still here..
even when all fails..
You are loved... you may not know..
And may never want to believe..
But my Christmas wish is..
You will see your inner beauty
And know you can succeed.

Love to you all~

Ok.. I am getting a "little" excited....
Don't ever tell!!!


  1. Merry Christmas to you too sweet girl.
    I hope your Christmas brings you peace, love and joy.


  2. o, maybe, just maybe you'll get the spirit back! Here's a little wish for your Christmas comfort and joy from me!
    becky (at beachsnaps.blogspot.com)


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