I'm BACK.... or not really?

Well.. There it is...
My Back..
The Back..
But I can't tell you for sure if I am really back yet or not...

Surprisingly enough.. after back and forths with the cardiologist..
(for clearance..cause this chickie's got a bad ticker)
A soon to be ex... so non supportive... a BACK stabber...
leaving me on my own to tackle this surgery alone...
I made it through!
We got a major snow storm the morning of surgery...
My gypsea pal and I somehow were able to manage through the craziness of snow crazy drivers..
Plows trying to run us over..and yes.. getting lost..
Then upon arrival... I am told we can't start yet..bc they are waiting STILL for clearance from my cardiologist..then.. they needed a valve from their sister hospital ..
ya know..."just in case.."
Well.. "JUST THE CASE WHAT?!!?" 
I was told not to worry.. everything will just be fine..
Ok.. I worked the OR for years..do NOT try to BS me.....
I also knew..they were top notch.. and doing all this.. SO
nothing would happen to me!
But the strangest of strange happened that day...
#1: the date 1/11/11
(these are master #'s in numerology..also "the pirates"
#2: Anesthesiologists name....Katerina  (same as my daughter!)
#3: My circulator in the OR, Jose... is verifying my info.. states..
"OMG! your birthday is the exact same as my wife's.. month, day and year!
#4:  When taken into the OR... I hear them call out a number..
So I am like.."Did you just clock me in..?"
them..." 9:10am"
Ok... daughters bday is 10/9
son's 01/9
uuummm.. wonder if the numbers were working for me...
And I think they were... Me..Miss scaredy pants of the OR..
went out like a light..Knowing
Everything's going to be All Right!
So.. I am BACK home.. Missing some of my L-5 vertabrae.
a huge chunk of a disc..
I feel like a puppeteer is pulling behind me....
And trying not to over do it!
Thanks for all the sweet comments..
and well wishes...
We'll see how this turns out..


  1. Wow, these are some major synchronicities!!! Maybe means support from powers beyond?? Hope you have a very good recovery!!

  2. Oh that looks painful. I hope you are doing well and your recovery goes smoothly!

  3. I am so glad that everything went well and you are home recovering. Interesting things you picked up on, life is so crazy sometimes! Surgery scares me too, I have had open heart in the past and I know a bit of how you must have been feeling. Get lots of rests!!

  4. Glad you're back and feeling good enough to blog or well medicated enough to blog...lol...Please remember not to overdo. take care.

  5. Tons of prayers continuing your way. glad they were cautious..but I'm a big baby when it comes to surgery. my dad spent last 2 weeks in hosp...home now...nothing like being home...
    [[HUGS]] God Bless you...Jennifer aka Gigi

  6. So sorry to hear of your surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery.surgery suckstoos?. BTW are those dolphin tattoos?

  7. sorry my lap top is acting up the word was sucks, it looks like sucktoes....LOL

  8. Feel better soon. Surgery is not fun unless they give really good meds!! ha
    Come visit my pink blog to cheer yourself.
    I'll be back to visit you too
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  9. I am so glad you found me! I hope you win my contest, but you have to guess what time I came up with my idea!
    I am praying that you under the watch of conscientious caregivers and that you regain your health as swift as starlight!


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