A Gypsea's Treasure....

Alright gypsea's...
You know this gal is a wanna be mermaid.
Well Rhonda from Blue Creek Home sent me a little email about Treasure Hunt Thursday's.
So while I am not our scouring for shells, sea glass or my lost pirate...
I scour one of my other fav's.
Now enter with...

So I will now introduce to you
Isamat and Mithy

This is Isamat.
She is slightly smaller than Mithy,
and her tail is made (as well as her entire body)
of found wood.  Where Mithy's tail is made of bamboo...
Isamat is the quieter much wiser of the maidens....
She is constantly trying to tame her other half Mithy...
who we think because of her outlandish tail...
She has a tad more ...ummmmm shall we say...
Vivaciousness to her.
But Mithy here:

will come right back at you and say:
" It's just Earth, Air, Fire and Water-
It's all in a Mermaids Spirit!"
and with that she dives down under!

I will give you a closer look at the workmanship of my treasures....

This is Isamat's rear view....;)

Another shot....
Don't you just love all the natural shells and straw
mingled together?

her tail.

And there she lays 
After trying and trying to explain to Mithy
for countless hours....
that she has SOOOO much to learn young grasshopper mermaid.

Mithy's aspect that we thing is the cause of her
wild ocean ways...

Or perhaps it's because of her lavish love of mermaid tears...
Can you see them...?
(of course you can...it is the pieces of sea glass for those who don't know beach combers lingo)

Here, this may help more....

I must say, though with Mithy being the more
"wild" one.... we would think she would wear her hair 
carefree like Isamat's....
But no, you will always find in away from her face...
So when she appears through the waves..she can see..
And to make sure that the Pirate she has been searching for
see's her.
And then again...Isamat may wear her hair that way because she is 
wiser, more comfortable in her own tail.
Something to ponder upon.
But what they both hold in common
Is what they hold in their hands.

The Starfish.
It is their way when they find that Pirate...
to give him her heart.

These are my treasures I share with you today...
or perhaps even dreams.


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  1. Ha haha...fun post. Love the hair :)

  2. Hi Cricket! :) Thanks so much for linking up your treasure, I LOVE her! I love all the different textures and the genious behind making it...I would never have thought to make something like that..so cute! Thanks for being my newest follower as well...I'm grateful. :)
    Hope you'll come back next week and link up again!!

  3. Love the mermaids, they are so beautiful! Their tails are so pretty with all the various shells and sea glass and I love the bamboo. I hope that one day they are able to give their hearts to their pirate!

  4. Adorable and very creative...thanks for sharing!

  5. That is so creative and I loved your little story.

  6. They're both ravishing!!! Did you make these????

  7. I haven't had the opportunity to meet a mermaid up close like this before. I am mesmerized by Isamat and Mithy!! They are beautiful creatures indeed.
    Now, I feel the need to make my own much smaller version! They are really delightful.
    And, I am so glad that they came to Treasure Hunt Thursday!

  8. So cool and soo pretty! Did you make?

  9. how gorgeous! thanks for stopping by my blog and following! i did a draft of a story 'keep calm' yesterday.
    cheryl xx

  10. I feel like watching the movie "Splash"!
    Love your blog. Thanks for your lovely comments and for following at 3pickles.
    I'm now your newest follower.
    x Marnie

  11. A wonderful, magical post. I read mesmerized by your mermaids. I love their names too, Mithy and isamat. The hair and seashells are just adorable. Now I want to go make one.

  12. So beautiful and creative. I love shells and never could have imagined being this creative with them.

  13. Love your concept of recycle and repurpose...I have a similar mindset so I'm glad I found your blog (via Treasure Hunt Thursday). Come and stop by when you get a few minutes.


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