Pirates Pink

This gypsea mermaid awaits her pirate..
who seems to be lost at sea...
He can't see her eyes and or tears that stream down..
It appears that he has been blinded by the evils around....

She feels his ship has landed in a place,
that no mermaid would want to go...
Mermaids need love,
reassurance and respect.
They are not dirty fish that are to be thrown back to sea.

What the pirate fails to realize is that he holds
the only key..
The only one ever to be found
to this mermaids shattered heart...
Now as those unseen tears travel she 
wonders if...

Tell me..
do they?

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  1. I read about a year ago someone should sue Disney for all the lies they tell little girls about Happily Ever-after.....

    well, I married my sweets who I started dating when I was just 16. I am now 48. There of course have been those up and down days but over all oh YES Dreams do come true and I have found my happily ever after!!

    Have a dreamy and happy pink Saturday

  2. We make our own dreams and we can chose to say when our dreams have come true. Life is too short to not be happy. I don't go by the standards of the media or books but by the little flutters of my heart when I see my hubby and family. Beautiful post.

  3. Gorgeous pics you've shared today! IN.LOVE with the pink soft and dreamy first pic!

  4. Hi Cricket,
    I love all the soft pink! Especially love the floral book with the keys and rose; scrumptious! Happy Pinks and thanks for your visit.

  5. Yes.. I do believe dreams do come true.

  6. Beautiful images, and wonderful feel of fantasy!

  7. Gorgeous post, Cricket ~ dreams do come true.

  8. Yes, dreams do come true. But as Donnie said, we make our own dreams so they can be ever changing and seem elusive at times. Just gotta hang in there and keep believing.

  9. Beautiful photos Cricket. I believe dreams do come true, but at what point, that I am not sure of. I think that the larger dream is made up of smaller ones and lead us to where we need to be. I hope and pray that they lead the mermaid in the post to her pirate. :)

  10. OMG... beautiful photos! The rose, book and keys is incredibly soft and pretty! Oh, yes, I believe dreams come true!

  11. Happy Late PS, My thoughts are with you as you travel to see Daddy, God Bless, you forever friend Marilou


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