Up, Up and Away.....NOT!!!

Well.. as I had mentioned, I had to grab an emergency flight out of NJ
to Arizona due to my father's health.
So..with 2 hours of sleep... I get up and head out to PHL only to be told..
"Miss, you need to consolidate your items?"
How am I consolidating over 10k in camera equipment, my laptop and 
there was no way...and plane was boarding in 15 minutes.
Can't even check anything in.
So..of I go to see if they can re-issue me another ticket..
and having to call the soon to be ex..to turn around and come get me...
So.. next flight was at 12:30 this afternoon.
I go.. in pouring rain...
Now I am told..
"Miss, your flight is delayed almost 2 hours which means you will
miss you layover in Detroit...
we have to reissue you another ticket."
I am like Dear God... what else?
So... I get issued another ticket for 3:30p today...
delayed I hear already.
So I call Delta...
I explain the situation... 
We decide..fly me out tomorrow and keep me a day later...
Can you believe...they waived ALL fee's?
I was in shock!
Called mom and dad...
Dad answers, and in thick Hungarian accent...
"You here Katinka? You Ok?"
(yes..broken English and all and calls me his 'own'name.)
No Dad, I explain.
Well..the nurse is there and instantly gets on the phone.
Long story short...
3 weeks ago, he got sick..thought it was a cold..
sent my mom out to get some seltzer water..
15 minutes later when she gets home..
it appears like he is seizing on the coach. He's 
trying to explain that he feels like lightening bolts have
been going through his body. 911 is called.
Dad was in coronary arrest, but thankfully he has a tri lead pacer and 
defib. implanted that zapped him 3 times.
In hospital they realize he is septic....
He is a bad diabetic, has had 5 heart attacks and 6 TIA's
( small strokes)
it took one week after being in ICU when they FINALLY decided to 
run a PET scan and realized one of his kidneys was failing,
he had an absess on his liver and his gallbladder had ruptured!
Well.. if that wouldn't cause you to be septic...I don't know what would!
This hospital has been pissing me off for years now.
So...finally home with 2 PIC lines and a drain out of his abdomen..
so they can get rid of all the infection, bile etc... 
the nurse informs me after I explain to him..
No...I am still home dad... airplane issues..
She tells me..she can't flush his PIC line..and they need blood draws
every am. STAT. She can't even push the antibiotics in.
So I ask..ok.. first..why can't you try the antecub area?
Well..veins are bad..he's been stuck there too many times already.
But she keeps insisting that she needs his blood for the labs..
Now I am hot!
Screw the labs... He needs to be in the hospital getting an xray to see if the line 
is positioned properly, or did it move...or is there ANOTHER infection or 
So why are you talking to me and not the HOSPITAL???
And I am stuck here for another 24 hours in NJ..
not able to do anything!
now that I got that off my chest I feel better.
So if you stuck around long enough to read all of this ..
Thank you.
My goal by the end of the week..
Is to get Dad to enjoy his home..
and be able to get back into his favorite 
relaxing pastime, here....

86 degree's there I hear today..
Now I will playing the waiting game.



  1. Oh my- If you drink I hope you have one in your hand! He is in my prayers along with you and Cat. It is so hard when you know you need to be there but you can't go yet.

  2. It makes me want to cry. But I am so glad that, unlike most of us, you will know what to tell the nurses and what demands to make when you do finally get there. You are all in my thoughts.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about all the issues that you are having. I trust that you will get there and all will be well. You and your family are in my thoughts. Take Care

  4. I hope everything goes well with flying out today, and you can get to your dad to straighten out the mess his nurse and hospital are making. Good thing he has you to tell them what to do!

  5. I am so sorry Cricket. I pray that they can get you there today. Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I hope everything worked out okay. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. So sorry about all of this...thinking of you... things will change, one way or another.


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