A Girl, Her Dog and the Beach. WORDLESS WEDNESDAY w/Linky

A perfect setting for my pre-teen, who is going through that emotional 
roller coaster we all wish we could have forgotten growing up!
I feel so bad because I know that the "drama" between her father and I
only make it worse.
Plus the fact the "ex-laws" only make her feel more horrible.
So like Gypsea Mama always says:
"Honey, there ain't nothing salt water and the sea can't heal!"
So my mini mermaid went off with her pal.

My 2 girls in my perfect setting.

May I introduce to you, Miss Lola.
My skittish Berner I got as a Mother's Day gift 7 years ago.
(yeh.. I guess I was once loved...)
The 2 of them walked the sands
Sharing secrets that only them and the sea will ever hear.

A perfect evening we had.
Perhaps you can pick out why in one of these photos...?

The sky was a perfect blend of mystical colors
that only added to the sense of "calm" I had wanted to offer my daughter.

Even the seagulls enjoyed the scenery, or perhaps that might have been a fish he was after?

Soon the two mini mer's were all smiles and ready for some ice cream.
So off we went to treat ourselves...
But not before my girl said a silent little prayer up above.

I think I know what she is wishing for.
But that lays in another's hands now.
But I am praying with her.
So The girl, her dog and the beach
Said Goodnight Moon.
See you soon.


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  1. beautiful shots!! Great mind thinks alike. Its a beachy mindset this week on WW!!

  2. Such a lovely post. Your little mermaids are so sweet and cute. I wish you well.


  3. This is so beautiful my sweet friend, your girls look like they are home in the photos by the water enjoying the peace and stillness that the sea can give us. All of our tears and fears washed away, if only for a moment. Thank you for sharing and I pray that all her's and your wishes come true.

  4. So much to love about these photos. The colors in the sky reflected on the water are simply amazing. And your dog? Perfect. Love.

  5. She is a beautiful young lady with a gorgeous smile! I hope she finds some answers and learns how to be herself regardless of other influences! I always feel like I can think clearly when I walk on the beach...things seem to make sense and even seem simpler! ♥

  6. What a sweet post. I find it amazing that when we are down,for whatever reason, a trip to the beach always helps...it's as though the waves just wash all our problems, fears, etc., right back out to sea. Your photos are so beautiful, and your daughter and dog, seem very happy and I pray that wonderful feeling at the beach continues for them and you as well.

    Desert Dreaming
    sorry, all my comments keep coming up anonymous, though I am a follower

  7. Oh my word - the photos are gorgeous and I LOVE Berners! I have wanted one ever since I first met one at a dog show years ago. They are one of the most loving breeds I have ever discovered! You have GOT to give Miss Lola a big hug for me - I will be looking for more of her photos on your beautiful blog, now that I know this treasure is here!

    Have a fabulous week & thanks for your support!


  8. There's nothing like the sea to calm your fears and soothe the soul. I know it does wonders for me. This is lovely, thanks for sharing.

  9. Absolutely brilliant shots and accompanying words. I love the image of the moon

  10. You still are loved babe & for all the right reasons... maybe just different people... photos & wishes by the sea, beautiful :)

  11. What a lovely lovely post! Enjoyed it so much! Love the pix of your pretty girls and the beautiful sky colors and the color of the sea!!
    So peaceful.....so tranquil!! enjoyed!

  12. What a beautiful girl! And your dog is adorable. Lovely pictures, makes me wish (again) that I were there!

  13. Your photos are stunning and what a gorgeous shoreline!
    very serene.
    Has to make everyone feel better.

  14. What a beautiful Post my Friend... and I'm glad to see your two beautiful girls enjoying themselves in the surf & sand!

    Thanks for stopping by and I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. My Mom has an inoperable brain tumor also so I totally understand the prognosis and concerns... hers is on the brain stem & growing rather rapidly. However, she's been working hard at rehab in the Nursing Home so they are allowing her to leave on Friday & attempt to make the trip to Cali to live with my Brother & Family, which is where she prefers to spend her final days, however long that may be. I just want her to be happy & have the best quality of life, I picked out the best Nursing Home close by my House but its just not the same as being with Family & it could never be "Home".

    Yes, Jerome IS in Arizona, Northern portion of the State, near Prescott... you really must go, it is enchanting & will certainly boost your morale & Spirit. If I win the Lottery or something equally unlikely *winks* I'd buy property there in a heartbeat & spent much more time there... it's an Artist's Dream location to create in. Perhaps the next time you hit Phoenix we can connect & get together for some fun!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Lovely pictures...
    Greetings from France,



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