It's A Gypsea GIVEAWAY!!!

Too many times in our lives we forget to take the little moments in, because we seem to only concern ourselves with the big ones that we hope for. While big moments in our lives are certainly special, we still must remember that what will matter in the future will be the memories we make for ourselves. Sometimes small moments such as dinner time with the family, or outings with the people we love, give us supreme closeness and unity with the people we love way more than before. Do the little things.

It is hard to fathom now how things like a simple visit to a relative that might not be expecting it, or that very first Blogger who responded to one of your posts, or sent you private emails to lift your spirits....these times will resonate in your mind for years to come. The little moments that we make now will be the biggest memories we keep in our minds for the rest of our lives, so cherish every single moment you live in, by always staying positive, and aware of what is going on around you. See the big picture even when the picture you are looking into at the moment might not seem significant!
So, now that I got all sappy on you
I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you, 
Who stood by, 
Surgery after surgery...
Struggle after struggle...
(yeh.. all that bitching and moaning I did!)
So what better way to say THANK YOU!!!!!!
Than to have a Giveaway!
and it's simple as pie!
Just leave a comment (chance #1)
Retweet @ Agypsyrebel  (Chance #2)
"LIKE"  The Mermaid Inside  (chance #3)
Friend Gypsea Nurse  (chance #4)
And if you really want to be sweet...
Become a follower, but it isn't necessary to enter.
And Feel free to Fb it, tweet it, blog it!
This Gypsea is moving...moving...moving....
So I love to throw in extras's as it is!
So what is it that you are trying to win?
Ok, #1 is....
(back side, or front...however you prefer!)
  On an adjustable black wax cord with sterling silver beads and charm..
This side reads: Love this Life...cuz you can go at any second!
#2 is...

 From a recycled bottle... shells hung by jute with natural sea shells....

 Made of sterling silver on a braided wax cord..
and you can see the inside saying...
(I dig this one!)
Than last, but not least...
Made of jute, natural shells, distressed wood, bamboo and a mirror in the middle..
I like my funky hanging mirror!!
So that is probably why
some lucky loon like me...
Might get this!
other side...

Hope you all have fun!
And seriously...
From the bottom of my heart, 
Thank you for making one of the hardest years of my life
A little (A LOT!) easier!
So you have the number of chances you can get...
Leave a separate comment for anyone you do.
And do to the move...
You have until HALLOWEEN!!!
I will announce the winners then!
Ciao mermaids...
I moving on UP!!!!!



  1. Sweet mermaid you are the best! You have come so far and have been so strong. I know that this new adventure will welcome you with open arms and you will find happiness with that special pirate. :) YOU ROCK girl!!!
    What a great giveaway and some cool beachy treasures.

  2. Rock on Girl!! you have all the best coming in the future! xoxoxoxo

  3. Good luck & b safe as u swim the seas!I will b thinking and following u on your journey :-)hugz

  4. Such pretty little items! I hope next year is the best one yet for you ever!

    May the ocean be warm where you swim, the sand smooth as powder where you walk, and the wind always be at your back.

  5. What a sweet giveaway from such a sweet person! I hope the Universe showers you with love!

  6. What great giveaway gifts! I love them all, especially the CRAZY GIRL pendant. It has my name on it. LOL

    I pray life has BIG HAPPY surprises in store for you.


  7. Here's to all of those wonderful, precious little Moments that Lifetime Memories are made of! Great Post and what a cool Giveaway!

    I Pray your recovery is going well and your Spirit is uplifted daily by the little Moments that you cherish! Glad you enjoyed my Halloween Party Post... I'm enchanted by the Dia de los Muertos pieces, they are currently resonating strongly with me.

    Blessings and a Big Bohemian Hug from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. great giveaway!! & all the best with the move!
    after all you've been through lots of good things
    will come your way, if that makes sense.. : )

  9. This is the most totally amazing giveaway--WOW!! I'm going to Tweet it!!!

  10. What a fun giveaway Cricket! I'm glad you are feeling better, and finally able to achieve your dreams! Hope the move is a smooth and easy transition for you :D

  11. OH MY! You've gathered all of my favorite things together in your giveaway! I would be SO thrilled to win! Thank you, sweet Mermaid sister! And enjoy your weekend! Hugs!!! ♥

  12. I'm a follower and a friend! I'm wishing you the very best! ♥♥♥

  13. You are so sweet, what a kind and loving giveaway, and so fitting of your blog style.
    I want to thank you too, you've been so supportive of my little blog, and honestly, from the moment you discovered it. I also love yours!
    My favorite thing is seeing such pretty sea glass in the header, I've been fascinated by it as of late. Isn't it wonderful what the Sea washes up?
    I hope you are feeling better, and wish you all the best, I'll keep reading your blog, as long as you keep posting, hugs, tami

  14. "Liked" the Mermaid Inside on FB!

  15. Love your sweet treasures!!
    been a follower of Gypseanurse for quite some time!

  16. I'm so happy, happy, happy for you Mermaid! What a generous giveaway :O)


  17. Hello Sweet Gypsy Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous share today. I am hoping that you are feeling better. Getting ready or already adjusting to the move. (I knew it was coming.)

    I am a follower ofcourse. Love coming to see the wonderful sea treasures that you find and share along the way. I have walked many beaches with you. I wish I had been there in person, what laughter and fun we would have. One day perhaps?

    I love seeing each gift of love, your choices are so special. Please add my name to the wonderful drawing. I would love to own something you treasure as well. Many hugs and much love sweet friend, Sherry

  18. What a wonderful Giveaway. Thanks for giving me the heads up!!I love all the photos. So, creative.
    Have a great Halloween.
    xxx Liz

  19. Oh, what great prizes!!!! LOVE the crazy woman one, LOL, yep that's me!!!!

    I hope you're having a great weekend!!! (I tried to leave a comment when I first read this post but blogger can be such a paint. I left an "anonymous" one above.

    Marsha @ Tattered Chick (Fairy Godmother)

  20. Still hoping I win. My fingers are crossed...and getting stiff. LOL


  21. Well, between my phone and laptop going screwy, I've tried to post a comment three dang times. My goodness, let's hope three is a charm. Here I go again, probably not saying it as good as I did last time! Let me thank you Lady, for reminding me who I am when I looked in the mirror and could not find me. Many sleepless nights in cancer camp I got lost in your world, and forgot about my troubles looking at all the beautiful things and reading all the beautiful things. Even without hair and boobs, no less a mermaid! I discovered that hair and boobs are accessories and do not make the mermaid girl! What makes a mermaid is a passionate love for all things and creatures of the ocean, a fantasy spirit that is otherworldly, and a desperate need for a wet tail and salt water dripping hair. I am still a mermaid without boobs, but those are on their way in January! Wheeee! You were one of many Angels on my path, although the only one with a tail and pearly scales! Thank you thank you, cancer losses were no match for all the grace and abundance and treasures found after my diagnosis, and I count you as one! You rock Sister, I'm a mermaid too!!!!!!!

  22. "Liked" Mermaid Inside on FB. :)

  23. Could not figure out how to 'friend' you on FB, but subscribed there - is that they same thing? I am so FB ignorant!

  24. Well my goodness, tried to post a comment twice, first from my phone and it disappeared, then from my laptop and the battery pooped out, so let's hope three's a charm! May I just say dear sweet mermaid, thank you! I found you, or you found me, during my year in cancer camp. Many nights for me, while the world slept and I could not, dealing with all that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis, I lost myself in the world you created here. Looking at all the beautiful things, and reading all the beautiful things, you reminded me who I am at heart. Even without hair and boobs, no less a mermaid was I! I realized that hair and boobs are accessories, and do not make the mermaid. What makes her is a passionate love for all things and creatures of the ocean, a fantasy spirit that creates her own reality, a seeker of simple whimsical treasures, and a desperate need for a wet tail, and salt water dripping from her hair. Many many Angels were sent to me, but you were the only one with a tail and pearly scales. I thank you, you will never know how you helped and touched a stranger, and gave me back a part of myself at a time when I looked in the mirror and could not find me. I am still a mermaid without boobs, but that will be remedied this January! Wheeeeee!! Anyway, thank you thank you for your amazing blog, and reminding readers to love their life however it comes, that happiness and passion is a choice, and the richest treasures are not found in a store or your wallet, but in a rock or a shell or an ocean breeze or toes in hot sand. Thank you thank you. I'm a mermaid too...

  25. Hee hee, I just realized maybe my comments went through but weren't approved yet!!! Hysterical. I tried to remember what I said, so if that's the case, keep whichever is BEST :)

  26. Nice to find a sister water girl riding the "life wave". Sounds like you've been struggling and have popped out of the darkness into the light. Congratulations on your strength and positive attitude. Thanks for the Twitter follow @ElegantShells ;-) Keep up the beautiful life and the beautiful work! xo


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