Ready Set and then what?

Ok gypsea's I won't frighten you too badly.
Although I have been going through a lot lately,
And you know my love of the sea,
I promise you...
I must say, I sorta did feel like it after my news today!
You see...remember when I had this done in January?
Well, thanks to a "little patient" of mine.
That lami,discectomy and accular repair
You got it!
And to think that a week ago I was saving this kids life 
in lockdown when he got ahold of a battery and swallowed it.
Then this past Sunday (As he was trying to choke himself)
And I am over him straddled literally screaming
"You M*!@XX!*
You are breaking my back!!!"
As I am trying to release his arms from the jumpsuit he
was trying to strangle himself with.
Not only am I supposed to be moving down south,
getting my kids in a new school...
I now found out after a MRI and seeing
my spinal surgeon that lucky me
gets to have an artificial disc replacement done!
Come on now... 
don't you think I've had about enough?
So... no more work for now...
Beach time till surgery, 
that is if my foot can handle it.
( Yes.. I started already to develop drop foot)
So we'll see how much I can handle.
Although we have a great Festival down here this weekend,
So maybe a start up of this

What do you say??
Maybe that will soothe this gypsea's soul!
till then pop on over to see Beverly's
to see some HAPPY PINKS!!


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