Goodbye to J's

(photo courtesy of Etsy)
ok. this is my first time hooking up with Jenny's Alphabe Thursday....
So I here the letter of the day is "J"
Well it is January...

 (photo courtesy of Etsy)
"J"  is also the first letter of my father's name...
Just 2 days ago... I found more bad news... he has pneumonia, developed a blood clot... 
the tumor in his brain (a GBM) has been growing back and now has gone into his frontal lobe as well.  We are counting days..... (but then again... he has that gypsy blood..and keeps fighting!)
But it has gotten to the point where we all realize that it is "just time." 
Let the suffering end.  
I won't go on.. because I can't.
I can't let my mind wander there again...not at this late hour..which bc it was wandering "there" I am up.

"J" also was the first letter of my married last name..which we know will not be connected to me much longer.

"J" ( January) is also the month my mini pirate was born......My soon to be ex.... his mother....My mom's mom....I had my first spinal surgery January 11, 2011 and my mom's birthday is in  July.
So I guess the letter "J" hasn't been too kind to me this year... they all seem to be disappearing out of my life....
Hopefully next week... it might be "K".. because that is when I knew what the real meaning of life is, when my mini mermaid Katerina was born.
Let's just say...
I am glad January is almost over!!!
( also compliments of Etsy)

So please pop on over to Jenny's for more Alphabet fun!!!1


  1. Great photos sweetie and I am glad that January is almost over too. My prayers and heart continue to go out to you and your family.
    Hugs to you!

  2. January is definitely a busy month for you, I can see. What sad news concerning your dad. I certainly will keep him in my prayers, and for you & your whole family. January is ending true. Perhaps the rest of year will improve your spirits. God bless!

  3. wow, sounds like you've had a tough journey. Hopefully it will take you to happier places soon.

  4. I love letter decor..., I have a large B and two M's!

  5. Sounds like a bad month but I really like how you presented it here & I love that picture of the necklace:-) My mom has had 2 back surgeries and has never really been the same but after about 15 years she is learning to deal with the pain. I hope all goes well for you and February brings you good things:-)

  6. Such sad new regarding your father - my very best wishes for him.

    Visiting from Mrs Matlock’s,


  7. Sorry January has been so hard on you. It is so difficult to lose a parent, no matter how ill he or she has been.

    I do wish you better days ahead.


  8. Your having a rough time !!! Will keep you in my prayers!!! "The darkest hour is just before dawn"............ Take care of yourself!!!

  9. Lovely images, I'll look forwrd to reading about your mini mermaid.

  10. January? Over? You and me, both! I want my life back, and that is not going to happen anytime soon! Glad you joined us for Alphabe-Thursday. We have good lessons and a lot of fun!! See you next week, I hope!!!

  11. so sorry to hear about your father. And spiral surgery!? Scary! Beautiful J pics. Welcome to the "classroom." {:-Deb

  12. You and me both - I can't wait to see the end of January!

  13. I wish you much better J's in your future ... afterall, J will be june and july and hopefully much sunnier times for you.

  14. Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad and hope things go peacefully for him. My advice is to try and stay in the moment and not let your mind rush too far ahead. That way you can enjoy the precious moments you have. October is our bad month. For us things seem to happen then. I used to love Fall and now I'm starting to dread it. I've heard of that doctor, but don't know too much about him. By the way, my husband and I grew up in NJ. (I read your profile.)

  15. This is the third time I've tried to leave a comment. I'm not sure what's going on with Blogger right now. I'll blame Blogger...it can't possibly be me. :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope things go peacefully for him. My advice is to try and stay in the moment and not to let your mind rush ahead. That way you can enjoy the precious moments you still have. Yes, I've heard of that doctor, but don't really know much about him. By the way, my husband and I grew up in NJ...Bergen County. I read your profile. You must be down near the shore. I like the sea glass in your header.

  16. Welcome to Alphabe-Thursday.

    What a poignant post. It sounds like you have an awful lot on an already full plate. I'm sorry about your Dad. That must be incredibly hard to deal with. Sometimes life just gets overwhelming.

    Your blog is really lovely and I tried to sign up as a follower but blogger is being difficult tonight.

    In the meantime...I'm hoping February is feeling a tiny bit more festive for you!

    Thanks for linking.



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