Grabbing Some Sea Air

It has been a hard week.... my dad passing, leaving my kids again...NOW bc the car was totaled and no new one yet, so how could I possibly take them I was told....(yes, smoke is coming from my ears!) Then I find out today, that my Berner was taken to the vet yesterday..My Miss LOLA..who HE ALSO has!!!!! They believe she has pyometra...and we are awaiting the ultra sound.... I must say....I am thankful he did take her to one of the best vets in Philly... But ya know... no need to be mean... nasty... I am one person, just as he.... Either work with me and let's get a move on... Arguing, control games... You are hurting children. Me...Hell, I am used to it...but I would be careful... I am ticking.....
So... on my lighter note, I was way over due to be connected to my ever loving sea... As cold as the air has been her on the Gulf...it was calling me.
So I was fortunate that one of the girls in the complex knew I was about to implode, and drove me down to Pass-a-Grille.  My favorite beach spot.
It was getting later in the day, the wind was kicking, but I didn't care.... I haven't had a real moment to cry out for my Dad.
Well, here I did.

Yes, she caught me on camera coming up with an arm full of shells...holding back my sobs.
But I needed it.
It was odd, bc as we walked we found random wilted flowers on the beach, or floating...which I have never seen before....
This one inparticular caught my eye.... I do not have a reason on why.
It just spoke to me.

 The was whipping more... I shed my own salty tears into the salty water...and left my own mark.
Then realized that I was hungry.  For the first time in days....
So off we went to grab some soup and salad at the Brass Monkey.
Very much needed!
This will be a long process I know, But a little consideration along the way from "him" would kinda help matters along.
Enjoy the rest of your week my mermaids....
  Couldn't resist, She was right outside the restaurant!
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  1. So sorry - but you did a good thing, letting out your grief. Give yourself time, and don't be too hard on yourself. Hugs.

  2. there is nothing like the beach to soothe the shattered nerves. the air, the waves, the beautiful sky...

  3. What a nice person to take you out for a day to enjoy the seashore and the Brass Monkey. Time will help you through your grief. When my dad was dying, a hospice person told me that each person grieves differently that there isn't a right way or a wrong way to do it.
    Joyce M

  4. Grieving is a necessary part of healing your soul, good to clear the mind. I'd say those flowers were a sign from above. :) xo

  5. from one daddy's girl to another hang in there. I lost my father last year and even though time is healing and I have wonderful memories I still miss my daddy everyday..
    Sending love & hugs your way,Cherry

  6. Oh, I remember saying good bye to my dad. He will always be in my heart. Thank you for sharing. ((Hugs)) to you and very nice to meet you! What a lovely blog you have. I'm a new follower. I've been to Pensacola once and love the white sands and beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

    Cheers from California,
    -- LadyD

  7. I think the beach... the sea... help emotions flow! What a wonderful thing to have the flowers there. Best wishes. xoxo

  8. Hi sweet friend

    I'm up early...way too early...but I'm having fun sipping on some coffee and FINALLY catching up on my blog reading.
    I'm so very sorry about your Dad's death. It's been almost 30 years since I lost my Dad and it still hurts.



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