Where the Gypsy Came From

So, I am pinning and singing and yes...still teary...
And as I was wandering around back and forth from the computer to the many boxes still coming in (hence the passing of my father)
I have received old Hungarian books, letters, china..
you name it.
And of course..
Pics of me there too!
Unfortunately, my scanner is acting crazy...
But just as well...
Save that for another post.
So in linking with Pinning and Singing
I figured I would let you know...
This mermaid
No, I am no wanna be, lets use the name...
Where in actually it came from the Romanians....
I could go on and on...
But lets take a look at where my Dad grew up
before he came to the States in 1958.

One of the many beauties I was fortunate to see first hand!

Lovely Budapest at night....

Source: bing.com via Leigh on Pinterest

Now people always associated "Gypsies" as being peasants or beggars or thieves...
When in essence, they are the most colorful, fun loving, free spirited and creative people

Boho has nothing on a REAL GYPSY WOMAN!!

All those wrinkles..tell a story...a laugh line...
For they forever will put on a gorgeous smile!

Starting at a young age!

Source: flickr.com via Darla on Pinterest

So yeah.. I admit, a lot of bad has been happening...
But atleast I can HONESTLY say

The Mineral spa's in Hungary are world renowned for there healing properties and there beauty no doubt.
The above I had been to with my mom and dad.
And will go again when I take him to be buried.

I think a well deserved stop, and a nice little tribute.
So there you have it...
I gave you a little history, fact, and gypsy soul...
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Oh I knew it when I came here the first time you were one of mine. First the mermaid thing then the gypsy thing. Now I see the family thing. I met another friend online who is from Romainia and we have become great friends over the yrs, and we still tease about Transylvania being Romanian, not Hungarian.

    I however am Hungarian.....loved seeing that photo of Budapest. I am second generation but never did get a chance to learn the language from gramma and grampa. But I grew up hearing it and listening to the music. Its in my blood. I always said there was a wild gypsy in my blood. And I agree with you, I dont see all gypsies as bad. They are just part of the earth, closer to it than most.

  2. LOVE YOU!!! Hungarian blood is the best!!

  3. Beautiful tribute and post and I hope that you do get to go visit some places when you go back. The images are gorgeous, I can only imagine what they look like in person.

  4. Love the gypsy in your soul!!!!
    What a fabulous tribute!!!

  5. My daughter is going to Budapest this September with her school for a music tour...I am so jealous after seeing this post!

    This post is beautiful too because it really comes from your heart-thanks so much for linking it my weekly Pinning & Singing party.

    Take care.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha In Oz


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