Come Fly With Me!

This mermaid has been zooming all over the country...
Seaside to desert side to mountains and valleys,
To plains and wide open fields.
Now finally she is almost at the end of her journey to land
Once and for all in her Mermaid Shack by the Sea...

But wait...the best part is...
The mini mermaid and mini pirate are flying with me~

We are busy packing up their stuff...
Taking care of all the little details.
I am still dealing with the 'STATE" and spinal surgeon
And hopefully by next Thursday after my huge Medical exam it will be 
over once and for all!

  So in honor of Beverly's PINK SATURDAY  I put 'Miss Rosie' one of the rare pink spoonbill's.  She frequents the bay in my backyard.
I have always been envious of her, and her beauty...
How she is gentle and free...
And now I am almost there...
So mermaid pals...
Come fly with me as I get back in the groove!

 Many surprises in store for you!!
In the meantime~

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Gypsy Nurse thank you for sharing your heart with me. It means so much to hear that my blog has been a place of refuge for you...something I don't share is my own trials. I have been going through my own storms and Sea Cottage is a place of rest for me. Somedays I wonder if I will make it to the next...so keeping my heart gazing upon beauty helps me. We are all fragile and in need of gentle kindness. Sea kisses to you my friend.

  2. OMG you have the best songs playing here!!!! I just came from your other post and WOOO HOOOO you have me tapping my toes!!! COME back to see me; I am a beach lover too! But my new post is the actual Paris Party....Hey I love PEACE TOO and the BEATLES and MERMAIDS!!

    PEACE, Anita

  3. nice songs list and good article I like your blog.
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  4. Oh Cricket I'm so Happy that the Lil Mermaid & Pirate are now by your side! What... you were in Arizona!?!?! Ya shouldda stopped by my Friend! Well, maybe next time?! Glad to see you back and out of the Valley. The Man is prepping for Back Surgery very soon, we have the consultation with the Surgeon downtown today... the VA have referred him to St. Josephs and they have excellent Surgeons so I'm Hopeful this will solve some issues & keep him vertical?! As for my Energy Source... well, I'm the original ADHA Kid don't ya know?! *Winks, back in the day they just didn't have a Label for what it was... so they just called me Trouble... he he he* Good thing I still have it though since I've raised two generations with the same Energy Source... otherwise I couldn't keep up with them! *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Ooops... I meant ADHD... better proof-read before I hit Publish next time... my fingers move faster than my brain! *Smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. A Mermaid Shack by the Sea... sounds wonderful!!

  7. She is Wonderful and the words are useless... Thank you for following - I'm following back :)

  8. Hi Cricket,
    So happy you're getting along well and the Lil Mermaid and Pirate are with you. Wonderful photos and perfect for Pink Saturday! Thanks for your visit and have a lovely weekend.


  9. A very beautiful bird and a pretty pink. Thank you for sharing and have a Happy Pink Saturday.

  10. Hi Cricket! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. What a gorgeous bird. I have to believe such a special creature brings good luck to all who see it!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  11. Hi darling, what incredible shots you got. I'm deathly afraid of birds if they get close to me, I do however love seeing beautiful shots of them. hugs ~lynne~

  12. Loved these photos.
    You did such a great job capturing the beauty and sleekness of this bird.
    Well done.

  13. Awesome.No other words come close :)

  14. They are beautiful and fantastic capture! Love the flying action..

  15. Best wishes to you in your endevors! i've never seen a pink spoonbill. It's beautiful!!!!

  16. Sound like things are on the up. Go well

  17. Congrats! Absolutely beautiful photos!


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