Sand and Sea Sunday's Are Back!

Yes, it's that time again, to show me what you got!!
What have you all been doing out in 
The Sand
Or Sea
On Sundays????

Does this give you any idea what this Gypsea has been up too?

 Yep... she has high tailed it out to the Gulf waters....

To start her "hunt" of Mermaid treasures!!!

And she digs, and grabs and tries to capture....

Some treasures from below...

And WHOOPS with joy when she claims a fabulous find!!!

AHHHH... Sand dollars, how perfect!!

But all that diving and hunting can give a girl (or Mermaid) a little salt in the eye...ya know?

So off to her other resting spot she goes...

To be the true Mermaid that she is....

And just relax after a beautiful day hunting in the sand and sea....

A token of her adventure, taken with her new underwater camera!!
Now come hither and let me see what you have been playing around doing!!!
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  1. I've not seen sand dollars over here in Australia-they are amazing!

    Looks like the weather is divine over there. It's cold and rainy here in Oz-can you send some sunshine please!

    Thanks for having me. Hope you have a great weekend.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  2. This mermaid has been packing and dismantling her mountain abode in the mile high city of Denver...in preparation for the big move..across the country , back to the beautiful sugary white sands of the emerald coast..
    have not played ..other than in the shower..any mermaid games..
    played out in the rain a bit until the lightning started..
    I do have wonderful friend in Florida named Mermaid Wendie who PAINTS mermaids..
    she exhibits in her shop at the Artists of Gulfplace on the corner of 293and 30A (EMAIL saltysisters.art@gmail.com..phone 850.830.2295..stop in and see her if you are in the area..
    i have taken a few pics..
    other than that..
    nothing seaworthy..yet!
    soon tho!

  3. Welcome back! It looks like you have had a glorious time in the sun, sand, and surf!

    This mermaid has been playing with her treasures and creating from her finds!
    So many shells, so little time... not quite enough time for my favorite sand and sea activities.
    But, the time is coming, and you shall see, this mermaid splashing around in the sea ;)

  4. You've TOTALLY made me want to be at the Beach now!!! AND look like that in a Bikini! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... all Beach and no Ocean... Dawn... The Bohemian


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